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With over 22 years collectively working with young people and developing leaders in running a non-profit, in addition to  doing premarital counseling for a multitude of young couples and 9 years running an academic coaching business, (not to mention raising four young and boisterous boys!) we have a unique gift set and host of resources to help navigate young adults through a formative season of life. While Emily is the primary coach, Marshall's insight and presence is invaluable. Our goal is to raise up leaders and train more coaches; we hope to offer the gift of presence, excellent tools, and great questions that lead to self-revelation and healthy habits, and success not just reflected in a GPA, but in a healthy life - one marked by resilience and character and confidence. 

We hold a deep belief that authentic relationships are central to personal health and success; as we get to know students personally, we will be able to help them identify direction with regard to their unique gifts and possible career paths. Not only will that aid in students' efficiency in their college and career planning, but in light of our long history and connections in the Seattle area, we have the privilege of connecting them with potential mentors and internships in the community that will propel them in their personal and career goals. 

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Northwest native and graduate of Westmont College, Santa Barbara, with a BS in Business and Economics, Marshall has served 11 years as an Area Director with Young Life, a non-profit that works with youth. Managing a $500K budget, staff, and a multitude of volunteers, his ability to develop leaders, listen well and set an example in character and integrity have caused him to be a beloved mentor and friend to many. Detail-oriented with a desire to dream for others, he works largely behind the scenes to support Emily as she meets with students one-on-one, but joins with her to host students for dinner, facilitate discussions and offers a wealth of resources as someone deeply rooted in the PNW.  As a basketball coach for many years in the Mercer Island High school program and a dad to four young boys, Marshall has a heart for sports and adventure and a clean kitchen.

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As a Division 1 athlete and graduate of Dartmouth College with a BA in English, Emily returned to her heart's home in the PNW with an insatiable thirst for learning and a love of coaching. Working for a consulting firm specializing in organizational development, Emily gained a passion for developing healthy leaders and teams. Soon after meeting Marshall and coming on staff with Young Life, Emily established her Academic Coaching business, a unique blend of tutoring and mentorship, and has seen transformation in every student she has worked with. Nothing causes her more joy than seeing people take steps toward health and full life. Despite being the face of the business, it is a joy to have Marshall so integrated as his perspective and investment is invaluable. Emily has a great love for writing and speaking, and is most often occupied with wrangling four small men: Tucker, Bennett, Wesley and Finn.

Emily has been an amazing tutor and mentor for our daughter. She has helped her improve her grades and more importantly taught her how to organize and prioritize her work load in school. Our daughter also looks to Emily for guidance when she is handling stressful situations, whether it is personal, sports or academics. It is comforting to know that she has someone other than her parents to talk to about these situations. Emily always has a way of reaching kids in a very positive, motivating way.
— Krista, Mom of High School Senior
Emily served as my academic coach from the beginning of my Sophomore year through my senior year in high school. Thoroughly disorganized, missing much ambition or direction, and more generally lacking in confidence, I was no easy task, but Emily helped provide the structure and support I needed to fulfill my potential. Emily was able to provide excellent assistance in all aspects of my academic work, covering my defunct organizational skills, my writing, the sciences... everything. Always available and very prepared, Emily got me excited about even the most boring of subjects (hello, geometry) and helped me realize my potential not only for doing well in high school, but also for pushing onwards towards really competitive universities. It was in this capacity that Emily was a really indispensable resource for me. As a generally good test-taker, Emily helped me structure my test-prep in a way that helped me maximize my score (in the 99th percentile). For me, Emily was most helpful in the college application process. As a really compassionate, thoughtful person, Emily was able to understand and guide my thought process, helping me put together a really strong, vibrant image of what and who I wanted to represent in my applications. I’m really happy and proud of the person that I’ve developed into since moving to Mercer Island before my freshman year of high school and I can honestly say that Emily played a big role in that development. I’m happy to call Emily a friend and an absolute inspiration.
— Nick, Graduate of London School of Economics

Emily was my tutor for my precalculus class my senior year of high school. I was really struggling, but Emily helped me pass the class and get a higher grade on my final then I thought possible
— Mary, Student at University of Montana
Emily gave my daughter confidence in her ability to learn, provided an organizational foundation for learning, and encouraged her to embrace learning through fun and self discovery. The skills have transferred to other subjects and she has gone from a stressed and struggling  student to one who is thriving and confident.
— Mom of High School Senior

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“You may encounter many defeats, but you must not be defeated. In fact, it may be necessary to encounter the defeats, so you can know who you are, what you can rise from, how you can still come out of it.”
— Maya Angelou